Willem G. Onderwaater, Peter C. van der Tuijn, Rik V. Mom, Matthijs A. van Spronsen, Sander B. Roobol, Amirmehdi Saedi, Jakub Drnec, Helena Isern, Francesco Carla, Thomas Dufrane, Raymond Koehler, Bert Crama, Irene M. N. Groot, Roberto Felici, and Joost W. M. Frenken
Review of Scientific Instruments, 11, 87(2016), pp113705
Publication year: 2016

We have developed a new instrument combining a scanning probe microscope (SPM) and an X-ray scattering platform for ambient-pressure catalysis studies. The two instruments are integrated with a flow reactor and an ultra-high vacuum system that can be mounted easily on the diffractometer at a synchrotron end station. This makes it possible to perform SPM and X-ray scattering experiments in the same instrument under identical conditions that are relevant for catalysis.

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